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Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

Date:2009-08-18 21:04
Subject:new vid! VVC09 Premiere, "Metaphor" (multi)

We couldn't go to Vividcon this year, which was very sad. But we were poking desultorily at vids anyway in hopes of getting something done, when cesperanza and astolat roared into town, said, "We've got music! Let's vid!", and astolat pulled merryish into one room to vid real people, and cesperanza pulled us into another room to vid... everything else. Seriously, those women are a force of nature.

And this was the result!

Title: Metaphor
Vidders: Speranza and Seah & Margie (cesperanza and flummery)
Fandom: Multi
Summary: Who's up for a metaphor?

right-click to download the divx (23MB)

or watch the streaming version:

(The stream is off our website, thanks to rhoboat's very useful tutorial. We're hoping to get streaming versions of all of our vids up on our website soon, along with ipod-formatted versions if possible, for one-stop shopping.)

Feedback is most welcome!

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