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This Year's VividCon Vids

We sent in two vids this year, one for Premieres, and one for the Challenge Show.

Our Premieres vid:

Artist: Anouk
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Size: 48 MB

Our Challenge vid:

Walking on the Ground
Artist: Sheldon Allman
Fandom: Multimedia
Size: 32.9 MB

I have linked to the divx versions of the files here, but these are also available in Quicktime and WMV format at our page: http://www.trickster.org/vids. There are also smaller file sizes at this location.

The latter vid is a bit context specific, but we knew the audience at VividCon would be familiar with the source material, so we went for it. That didn't stop us from freaking out over it, though.

For those of you who squint at it and wonder if we're deranged, this year's Challenge was Milestones, in honor of the 30th Anniversary of vidding. Therefore, we tried for a vid that represented the history of vidding, the technological changes, the grumbles that naturally go along with those changes, and some of the spirit behind vidding. I am thinking about writing up more about some of our choices later.

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