flummery (flummery) wrote,

Remastered vid - Haunted, Odyssey 5

On August 7, 2007, everything changed.

To commemorate the occasion, we've remastered our Odyssey 5 vid, Haunted, with DVD source. We've also put up some notes about it, for anyone who's interested, linked on our main vids page.


Haunted 2007, large version 45.5 MB

Haunted 2007, small version, 12.2 MB

Both are XVID. Please right mouse click and choose "save" rather than streaming.

If you want to point people to the downloads, please link to http://trickster.org/vids, not directly to the vids themselves.

(edited to correct the imeem version URL, to link to the remaster with fixed aspect ratio)

Now on our website or here!

Tags: remaster, vids
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Yay! I love this vid. It breaks me every time I watch it, and I can't even hear the song without seeing the clips in my head.
*beam* Thanks! (And sorry for the incredibly late delay -- RL and con and more RL, oy.)
Pft. No worries. Remember, I know you and your LJ loathing. *g*

It was fabulous to see you and have at least a brief chance to talk at VVC. *hugs* Also, *hugs* for Thing 2.
Great timing for the remaster, both in vid terms and for me personally. *g* I'm visiting friends for dinner tomorrow who just happen to have broadband, so I'm planning on excusing myself for a few minutes and downloading the remastered vid.

The original vid is marvellous, so I am looking forward to the shiny new source version. Thanks for the notes on the remastered version; I'm always interested to see how vidders handle remasters and revisions. As Zoe says, the song is inextricably linked with the vid and each time I hear it, I mentally replay the vid.

Hope that you both have a fantastic time at VVC! I'm really looking forward to seeing your VVC premiere vid once I get the DVD in the mail post-con, or earlier if the vid goes online before the DVD arrives. I missed not seeing a new vid from you two last year; your vids are always highlights of the VVC crop.

I've always found this vid so powerful - never seen the source material, but the vid tells a coherent story all by itself and I get goosebumps *every time* it hits about the three minute mark, in the lead up to the big bang. I adored the first version and I'm so pleased by the shiny new remastered version.
Thank you so much! *beam*
Impressive work.
Thank you!