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VVC 2007: Disc Three (Club Vivid part 1) (4/5)

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*points to icon* Still Margie. :)

Today's installment is Disc Three, which is a pure dance-vid disc. everything on it premiered at Club Vivid this year. I don't have any vidder summaries for any of these, sorry!

Caveat lector: I talk about all the vids on the disc, whether they worked for me or not.

Club Vivid part 1 (premiering vids only)
playlist with links (if available) here: http://community.livejournal.com/vividcon/119910.html

I actually wound up missing a lot of CV vids, including a lot of the premiering vids -- while this year's bartender was wonderfully friendly and cheerful and chatty, and worked her tail off (the poor woman didn't get so much as a ten-second break until we finally ran her right out of booze), she was still only one person, and the line for the bar was often sorta long. Still, I saw and danced to a bunch, and I have the shiny discs to refresh my memory or show me what I missed.

Let's Go Crazy
vidders: SDWolfpup & Laura Shapiro
fandom: Battlestar Galactica

This is a great dance song, but didn't quite work for me as a vid. I really liked the idea of the universe being so overwhelming that everyone just does what they need to do to stay alive, to keep feeling. But Baltar is so utterly wackadoo that many of the clips of him were jarring to me, especially the multiple clips at the ending; where everyone else was living in a crazy universe the best they could, Baltar was actually nuts, so the clips with him were out of step with the rest for me.

Every Penguin Dance Now (song: Rock This Party)
vidder: Mister Anderson
fandom: Happy Feet

This is ridiculously cute and fun. Hee! The synching worked beautifully; I've never seen the movie, so now as far as I'm concerned, this vid *is* the movie. This is what those penguins were singing and dancing to. (And what they're still singing and dancing to in my head, every time I hear the song. Penguins in my *head*. *waves cheery fist at Mister Anderson*)

Paul McCartney
vidder: jarrow
fandom: Will and Grace

This was the first of several fandoms I blinked very hard at, never having considered them viddable (or particularly fannish) before, but wow, did it make for a fun vid. Hee! This one's going on my list of cheer-me-up vids, because I don't think I could ever do anything *but* grin while I'm watching it, no matter what mood I'm in.

vidder: Lithiumdoll
fandom: Buffy

Buffy and her many relationships. The general sense for me here is basically that all of her relationships are doomed, because they're all unhealthy one way or another, but I get a bit lost in the middle -- for most of this, it seems like Buffy is attracted to people who are toxic for *her*, but for parts of it, she seems to be the toxic element. I think I'm overthinking this.

What You Waiting For
vidder: Milly
fandom: Alias

This is a fun dance vid in terms of music and motion, but falls apart for me a little in my living room. I like the framing device -- from Sydney's (oddly caring, but hugely dysfunctional) family at the beginning to Sydney realizing at the end that she'd been programmed to be a spy since earliest childhood -- but that doesn't really go with the rest of the vid for me, which is mostly "Sydney kicks ass a lot". The emotional weight is too different, I think. After all of Syd's ass-kicking competence and confidence, even with some of the bad things that happened to her as well, having the vid end on her waking up crying is just jarring to me. I feel like I'm missing a connection somewhere.

Good Luck
vidder: e^y
fandom: Buffy

Faith's journey to the dark side, and her changing relationship with Buffy. I felt like I didn't have a solid grip on the POV in this one (I thought it was Buffy, but sometimes it felt like Faith, and other times it felt more omniscient), but the narrative is pretty clear other than that, and e^y kept the "nightmares" focused very narrowly on Faith killing the man in the alley, which gave the whole vid a very tightly-woven feel.

Cuz I Can
vidder: Dualbunny
fandom: Battlestar Galactica

My basic reaction to this on every viewing is: Oh, rock. What a kickass Starbuck character study. It's a fabulous song choice for Starbuck, down to a voice that sounds like she could be singing it, and Dualbunny does a great job showcasing Starbuck's live-for-today attitude, balanced against the flashes of deeper emotion and all the ways she's broken inside. Just... rock. I love everything about this.

Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood
vidder: Charmax
fandom: Shrek 2

This vid makes me stupidly happy. *g* I love it to bits, and beam my way through it every time I watch it. Just fabulous, and fun, and yay!

Snakes on a Plane
vidder: Dualbunny
fandom: Harry Potter

I have very little movie context for Harry Potter, so I'm sure I missed a lot of specifics here, but the motion in this was enough to carry me along and keep me engaged.

I Like the Way
vidder: Abby
fandom: The Cutting Edge

Dude, The Cutting Edge! Another fandom I never expected to see a vid for, with a fun song choice for a movie that's all about them connecting over motion. This is one of the first CV vids on the discs to have effects that really leapt out at me; Abby used a picture-in-picture effect, which I don't think I've ever seen in a vid before.

I'm a little torn on this; on the one hand, the effect made the vid too busy to watch easily, so for the first couple of viewings I basically got almost random visual impressions depending on where my eyes were, combined with a good song choice. But the more I watch it, the more I see what Abby was doing, and I really like what she was doing.

The bulk of the vid is made up of two layers: Doug and Kate, either alone or interacting somehow (arguing, practicing, etc.); and Doug and Kate, skating together, moving constantly toward an Olympic win. I love that they're living their lives in this with the skating a constant presence, because that's perfect for them.

The "main" screen was two clips overlaid on each other, and faded way down, with two different-size PIP screens, giving sharp, clear views of the two layers on the main screen. She pulled out to just one main + PIP screen on the bridges, then in a very cool move pulled out to just the main screen at the very end, which poured a lot of emphasis onto the final clips and narrowed it all down to the skating, which again is perfect, since that's where everything narrowed down to in the movie as well.

So I loved the story here, and the concept, I'm just not sure the execution worked. It was a cool experiment, though. If she had done just a splitscreen without the layered background, it would have felt too much like separate storylines; if she'd done just the layers, it would have been too confusing. Using both things at once was a really interesting way to go with this.

Weapon of Choice
vidder: SDWolfpup
fandom: Farscape

I'm mainly lost for a lot of this vid -- I can't hear the lyrics very well, so things look a little random to me. With Farscape, though, I don't really care, since the show itself was mostly a wild ride for me. *g* What I do get out of the vid is that John's crazy, but only because Harvey pokes him too much. (Also, the final clip never fails to freak me out, whenever I see it. Eeeee.)

Ohh La La
vidder: Greensilver
fandom: Dead Zone

Johnny's visions are a freakout, man. I really liked this, with the sense that Johnny's on what amounts to almost an acid trip -- sometimes good, sometimes not -- beyond his own control.

vidder: Luminosity
fandom: 300

I didn't see this at the con, which I regret -- it must have looked even more amazing up on the big screen. This is another vid where anime vidding clearly had a strong influence on the effects, which is just so cool to see, and amped up the lushness of the source.

Just Can't Get Enough
vidder: Wendy
fandom: Queer as Folk (US)

This one's all about Brian and Justin, and how they're all over each other as much as possible. It's really not my pairing, though, so I didn't react to this the way Wendy intended, I'm afraid. But on a less visceral level, I can certainly see the "this is so hot" factor in the vid.

Improper Dancing
vidder: Mary Crawford
fandom: multi

(Kitchen-sink multi.)

Okay, I'm biased -- I betaed this. But it's hugely fun, bright and bouncy and full of clips from all *over* the place, just a fabulous dance vid.

You're So Lucky
vidder: Katerina Knights
fandom: These Girls

I've never heard of the fandom, but apparently three friends decide to have their way with David Boreanaz. A lot. One at a time (... I think), but a lot. He seems to be mostly okay with the idea, if a little overworked and exhausted. Also, he's naked some of the time, never a bad thing. With no context, though, that's pretty much what I've got -- lots of sex, and an eventual confrontation that doesn't actually seem to go that well for anyone. Cute, though!

Mystery Dance
vidder: Gianduja Kiss
fandom: multi

(Kitchen-sink multi.)

Hee! Fun dance vid, light and happy, and I kept going "oh, yay!" over fandoms I wasn't expecting to see.

Flash Dance
vidder: gwyneth
fandom: La Femme Nikita

Nikita and Michael, sex and violence and trust and betrayal. This is another vid that went with effects to pump things up. The triangular sideways wipes lent hard, smooth motion to an already active vid, working to keep the pacing up. There was also a snowy-tv-effect that made for a softer, rougher dissolve, which didn't work for me as well; I'm not sure why, because I really liked the pacing of those dissolves, just not the actual effect.

Tomorrow, disc four -- the rest of the premiering Club Vivid vids, plus the Challenge Show.

ETA - complete con report/vid reviews:

Disc Zero (at the con - Geneaology of Vidding, Vividsection, Town Hall on Vidding and Visibility)

Disc One (Premieres part 1; also premiering)

Disc Two (Premieres part 2; also premiering)

Disc Three (Club Vivid part 1)

Disc Four (Club Vivid part 2; Challenge Show)
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