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VVC 2007: Disc Four (Club Vivid part 2; Challenge Show) (5/5)

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*points to icon* Still Margie. :)

Final installment! This one has the rest of the premiering Club Vivid vids, plus the Challenge Show.

Caveat lector: I talk about all the vids on the disc, whether they worked for me or not.

Club Vivid part 2 (premiering vids only)
playlist with links (if available) here: http://community.livejournal.com/vividcon/119910.html

(Repeating note from Disc Three for anyone only reading this one.) I actually wound up missing a lot of CV vids, including a lot of the premiering vids -- while this year's bartender was wonderfully friendly and cheerful and chatty, and worked her tail off (the poor woman didn't get so much as a ten-second break until we finally ran her right out of booze), she was still only one person, and the line for the bar was often sorta long. Still, I saw and danced to a bunch, and I have the shiny discs to refresh my memory or show me what I missed.

Boulevard of Broken Songs
vidder: Destina and Barkley
fandom: multi

(Four-fandom multi: Stargate SG-1, Farscape, Firefly, and Supernatural.)

On my first viewing, I managed to completely miss a scene from Supernatural that showed up almost immediately; I got sucked into the SF shows and the notion of a lone hero even in the midst of a team, and was building a three-show vid in my head until Dean from SPN appeared and threw me out. But, um... yeah, that was totally my own fault. Destina and Barkley set it up, I just failed to parse it properly.

While I'm still fond of my initial take on it, the four-show vid is also a lot of fun; they do a good job of weaving the shows and characters together, pulling out parallels all over the place.

Rapture Riders
vidder: Melina
fandom: Doctor Who, Torchwood

Melina does a cool job of taking a wacked-out mashup (seriously, Blondie and The Doors? The hell?) and using it to parallel Jack's canonical story here, starting out with Doctor Who then slipping seamlessly into Torchwood and Jack's new life, then cutting away to Doctor Who again to see the Doctor and Rose moving on with their lives without Jack, then back to Jack, alone, realizing the Doctor is nearby. She uses the mashup itself as the guide to which show footage to use -- Blondie is Doctor Who, the Doors is Torchwood.

vidder: Mister Anderson
fandom: Zoolander

I have absolutely no idea what's going on in this vid (did those people actually blow themselves up by having a *gasoline fight*??), but I couldn't take my eyes off it. Pure crackiness on my screen, and I'm sort of glad I missed it at the con because I can only imagine myself making many overdramatic movements (complete with freeze-frames) to dance to it to match the whole tone, and this way no one has pictures of same. *g* Fun vid!

vidders: B.E.W.P. (Barkley, Elishava, Widget, and Pouncer, I believe)
fandom: multi (Canadian)

(Kitchen-sink multi, starring every Vancouver-based Canadian actor ever.)

OMG HEE. This is exactly how I watch genre tv! Time to play "identify the actors by the role(s) they've played". heeheehee. What actually cracks me up most about this is how when the vidders shifted to certain actors, my brain would be all, "Yeah, know him/her, but who... OH! [CHARACTER NAME!]". Which is... exactly how I watch genre tv, yes.

Your Disco Needs You
vidder: Fahrbot Drusilla
fandom: Torchwood

The lyrics here are sung with a sort of earnestness that is a wonderful counterpoint to the words themselves, and Fahrbot Drusilla plays on that, with the Torchwood folks doing their bit to save the world by macking on everyone they can find. Heh. (Also, there are disco balls in the credits, hee.) My only problem with this was having context trip me up in a few places; some of the macking was not what I would call consensual (or, in one case, sexual in any way), and that makes it automatically not-hot/not-fun for me.

vidder: Keely
fandom: SGA

This blew me away when I first saw it, almost purely on visuals -- great cutting, great pacing, great everything. And the more I watch it, the more I get out of it. This is just fantastic. Also, huge points for the dorky interlude in the midst of all the action. Aw, my team. Hee!

Ready Steady Go
vidder: gwyneth & M'lyn
fandom: multi

Kitchen-sink multi.

Cars! Driving fast! And crashing sometimes, but sometimes avoiding a crash by dint of screeching tires and slewing about. *g* This is just shiny and fun, a great choice for a dance vid (although at home in my living room, four minutes is a bit long). The effects in this pump up the action on the screen, whether with a fast left-to-right wipe that pulls the next clip into frame, or a push back-and-away (I have no idea what that's called, sorry) so the first clip vanishes out of middle of the screen as the second clip takes over. I like the spinning round wipe, too, starting with the tires at the very beginning -- fabulous choice for a fast-cars vid.

Filthy Mind
vidder: SE
fandom: multi crossover

(Kitchen-sink multi crossover. Good lord.)

Wow, this was cool. SE crossed... I don't even know how many fandoms, I started to lose count. She didn't just do a multi-media vid; this is a true kitchen-sink *crossover*, with lots of these characters dancing in the same club, or drowning in the same lake, or in the same infirmary, or being rained on by the same blood (I love fandom).

The pace is fast, keeping up with the beat either through quick cuts or internal motion, so there are clips I still haven't completely seen (because I don't know the source enough to fill it in on my own). That doesn't matter, though, because for me this is all about the motion and the beat. Seriously cool work here. (I have no idea how the lyrics actually related to the vid, other than 'drowning', because I was too busy going "oh, WOW" at the pretty damn seamless crossover.)

Staying Alive
vidder: Sisabet
fandom: Supernatural

Cute, mostly fun Dean-centric vid. Definitely the dorkier side of Supernatural. *g* And trust Sisabet to find a version of Staying Alive I could actually listen to more than once!

Cum on Feel the Sex on Wheels
vidders: Luminosity and AbsoluteDestiny
fandom: Angel

Actiony Angel vid, with lots of fighting; good dance vid! I do wish they'd had DVD source, or at least consistent source, for the entire thing, though; the scattered fuzzier tv source and WB bug (especially when it had words attached) were distracting.

This was another vid that did significant playing with effects, some of which worked for me and some which didn't. The zooming pull-ins and -outs made things very swoopy and interesting -- cool transition to use on a dance vid (er, sparingly, that is; I think too much of that would start to make people motion sick, but it was done well here).

OTOH, the odd flashing/strobing on a lot of scenes was offputting for me; I don't react well to strobe effects at the best of times. Here, I didn't understand what it was supposed to be doing -- it looked like its only purpose was to be an effect in random places, without adding anything else to the vid. And despite not being a true strobe, it was still a little painful for me to watch even in my living room, and there was a lot of it during the vid.

Sunshine of Your Love
vidder: Mister Anderson
fandom: Austin Powers

Very bright and bouncy, but alas, the source is painful to me, so I couldn't get into this one at all.

Boogie Wonderland
vidder: Charmax
fandom: multi

Light, cheery dance vid, to 70s and 80s musicals, starting with, of course, Saturday Night Fever, and running through a lot more, from Flashdance to Rocky Horror to Footloose to you name it. With at least one very earnest roller-dancer in the mix, from a movie I couldn't identify if my life depended on it. God. I had repressed roller-dancing. Thanks, Charmax. *g*

Beethoven's Fifth of Gold Digger
vidder: AbsoluteDestiny
fandom: Gone With the Wind

No, seriously, Gone With the Wind. Talk about a source I never expected to see vidded (and certainly not to rap!). It's the cracky combination of music and source that works for me here (well, that and I've always disliked the movie and pretty much all the characters in it, so this was fun for me *g*). Speeding up the source and jump-cutting all over the place was enough to connect it to the audio, especially with the whole gold-digger theme.

Groove Is in the Heart
vidder: frivolity65
fandom: Danger Mouse

Danger Mouse!! frivolity65 totally wins just for thinking to vid this. And for thinking to add all the text bits, which are perfect -- both the sound effects ("crumbs!") and the more psychedelic use of "groove is in the heart" (seriously, when was the last time you got to call something "psychedelic" and feel all groovy about it?)

Also, v. cool matte/frame around the whole thing, for the look of an old tv up on a retro stand. Possibly in a diner. *g*

Straight to Number One
vidder: Zoe Hyde
fandom: Firefly

Mal/Simon, with a fun setup; I like the countdown from ten, starting with the women in Mal's life, then cutting "straight to number one" for Simon, and then filling in other numbers with Simon and Mal together. It dragged a little for me about 2/3 of the way through, but picked up again at the end with the fast back-and-forth and the final shots at the table.

Left Behind
vidder: Jackie K
fandom: Due South

OMG, Dief! It's a Dief vid! *HEARTS*

Don't Feel Like Dancin'
vidder: Ringwench
fandom: Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

I can't stop smiling at this -- it's a cute, light, cheerful vid of the movie that hits everything just right, with a solid song choice. Heck, it even gets me to like the song, in context, which is not easy to do. *g*

Jive Talkin'
vidder: Zeneyepirate
fandom: The Sentinel

I saw this one during Club Vivid, but I confess, my entire reaction at the time was to poke the people around me and shout (well, it was loud in there), "Oh my GOD, look at the SOURCE! I forgot how pretty this show was!!" and then stare more at the pretty pretty pictures on the screen. *watches again* Good lord. So damn pretty. Ahem. Also, it's Jim/Blair, and wow did this bring the love back for me. Now I really, really want the other seasons on DVD. Hmf.

Zen stuck with first season, which is the only season currently out on DVD -- a good choice not only for the source quality, but because Blair suits "jive talkin'" best during first season. She played around with cheesy effects as well, going completely OTT with them, but only during the most disco-y part of the vid, so it cracked me up and kept things moving.

And that wraps up the Club Vivid premieres! I've listened to more disco and pop since CV than I have in the last 20 years. *g*

Challenge Show
playlist with links (if available): http://community.livejournal.com/vidding/1177169.html

This year's theme was Faith, which clearly struck a chord; for the first time ever, the Challenge show had more than five vids in it.

vidder: Cherry
fandom: Battlestar Galactica

summary: What does it take before you're considered a person?

Oh, I like this. It's a very raw look at the known humans-who-turned-out-to-be-Cylons, with some incredibly powerful parallels drawn out of the source that I hadn't necessarily connected before, and wow. Ouch. Mostly, though, I'm stuck on that visceral level of "oh, wow, cool, yes!", and I'm sort of happy to be there, because -- wow, cool.

Quantum Theory
vidder: aycheb
fandom: Children of Men

summary: "Just as in a stormy sea that unbounded in all directions, raises and drops mountainous waves, howling, a sailor sits in a boat and trusts in his frail bark."

This was the second Children of Men vid at the con (the first was in Premieres), and between them I feel like I have a fairly solid grasp of the movie, where the world has driven itself into infertility and collapse, and the pregnant woman is the key to the future. This one was more about finding hope and a reason to live/fight in the midst of desolation and despair, and struck me as poignant and almost fragile; I liked it a lot.

The framing device, of the small boat bobbing on the large sea in the fog, also worked really well for me (and is a fantastic connection to the summary, which makes me bizarrely happy).

vidder: Keely
fandom: Veronica Mars

summary: Knock on wood.

Oh, this was shivery and good. The stark audio was extremely effective; I think most women know that walking pace, when you're moving as fast as you can without breaking and running to get away from the danger you sense behind you, and it's not a feeling you forget. The words (spoken more than sung) support that idea, but it's the clicking heels that really evoke that.

The song itself is as short and sharp as those heel-clicks, and a perfect choice for Veronica Mars -- both the character and the show -- given the way rape has shaped Veronica (and the show), and the way she keeps going regardless, believing in herself and refusing to be ruled by fear. Really nicely done.

vidder: Barkley
fandom: Supernatural

summary: You stand by me.

I refuse to spoil this in any way, in case there's someone who hasn't seen it yet. Just go watch it. Seriously. You'll thank me. (hee!)

Well, Well, Well
vidder: gwyneth
fandom: Firefly

summary: Faith is not always belief.

I think my lack of context for Firefly/Serenity really hampered me with this vid, which was beautifully put together but which didn't say much to me, other than that it's about Book and his choices, and that those choices had a lot to do with Mal.

The Other Side
vidder: obsessive24
fandom: House MD

summary: "I still don't know what love is." Chase character study. Seasons 1 and 2.

I have only minimal context for House, so I missed a lot of the specifics here. I did like the framing device of him in front of the dead baby, and using that to go into a look at his own life and the people around him.

Hey Jude
vidder: Gabby
fandom: Buffy

summary: Remember to let her under your skin. Then you'll begin to make it better.

This had a cool idea and did some interesting things -- "let her under your skin" is pretty much a natural for Faith's relationship with Buffy -- but I think it suffered from the song's not being cut; the two-minute ending weakened everything that had gone before.

And that wraps up the DVD set.


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