flummery (flummery) wrote,

Our First Vid! Kryptonite

This entry is backdated to reflect when the vid was actually made; we premiered it at Escapade 2002.

Title: Kryptonite
Song artist: Three Doors Down
Fandom: Invisible Man
Vidders: Seah & Margie
Website: http:flummery.org
Summary: If I go crazy, will you still call me Superman?

If the SciFi channel (I am not writing that stupid new version) ever releases season 2 on DVD, we'll remaster this; we desperately want cleaner footage than these old VHS tapes. In the meantime, we've at least put up a larger version than we used to have, back in the days when 360x240 was *huge* and we figured no one would ever download something so gigantic.


right-click and save for the large version (640x480).

See our website for smaller versions - scroll down to the bottom.

Or watch the streaming version:

Tags: invisible man, vids
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