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Vids: Black Cat (Sentinel), Speed Racer (Invisible Man)

This entry is backdated to reflect when the vids were actually made; we premiered them both at Vividcon 2002.

If we ever get season 2 Inivisible Man on DVD, or seasons 2-4 of Sentinel, we'll remaster these; we desperately want cleaner footage than these old VHS tapes. In the meantime, we've at least put up a larger version of each than we used to have, back in the days when 360x240 was *huge* and we figured no one would ever download something so gigantic. And we've added streaming versions on our website.

Title: Black Cat
Song artist: The Northern Pikes
Fandom: The Sentinel
Vidders: Seah & Margie
Website: http:flummery.org
Summary: Who says a black cat has to ruin your day?


Right-click to download the 640x480 divx version (36 MB).

See our website for smaller versions - scroll down toward the bottom.

Or watch the streaming version:

Title: Speed Racer
Song artist: Sponge
Fandom: Invisible Man
Vidder: Margie
Website: http:flummery.org
Summary: Bobby Hobbes!


right-click and save for the 640x480 divx version (13 MB).

See our website for smaller versions - scroll down to the bottom.

Or watch the streaming version:

Tags: invisible man, sentinel, vids, vividcon, vividcon vids
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(Re: Black Cat, because I have come from your website and have an urge to comment and a current lack of headphones and lots of noise and public and have not yet watched the other one, which I am sure is highly shiny.)

The vid is incredibly happy-making and joyous and fun and cute. Thanks. :)
And I am here via your rec, so thank you very much to both of you! I've already got a grin on my face and I'm still downloading, haven't even started watching yet... :D
Loved it, really well done.