flummery (flummery) wrote,

New Vid! Hold On (Whoniverse), Vividcon Premiere

We made it to Vividcon this year! We are so glad to be back! And we even managed to premiere a vid. \o/

Feedback of any sort, including crit, is warmly welcomed.

Title: Hold On
Artist: KT Tunstall
Vidders: Seah and Margie ([personal profile] flummery)
Website: flummery.org
Fandom: Whoniverse: Classic Who, New Who, Sarah Jane Adventures
Summary: Our Sarah Jane

Notes: With heartfelt thanks to Elisabeth Sladen, 1946-2011, for all she did.

Right click to download, divx (33 MB, 640x352)

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Tags: doctor who, sarah jane adventures, sarah jane smith, vids, vividcon
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The fabulosity of this vid cannot be contained! \o/
\o/ Thank you!
That was simply delightful!
Thank you! We're so glad you like it!
This is a vid that I suspect I will find myself rewatching whenever I have a hard day and want something to inspire me to turn things around and be awesome anyway like Sarah Jane. You really captured the way her story should have been sad—and sometimes was, a little bit, since she's the one who was left behind and grew old without the Doctor—but mostly she refused to let it be, and took what she had and made it amazing, made her own family of adventuring misfits and saved the world on her own, and basically just kept loving and rocking out no matter what. It's so beautiful, and so well distilled into this beautiful vid.
OMG, what a wonderful vid!! Sarah Jane for the win!!
Thank you so much! We both just love Sarah Jane so much. <3
<3 This is awesome!
Thank you!! :D


7 years ago

That was wonderful. And it made me cry. Well done.
Hopefully it made you cry in a good way! :)

Thank You!

Deleted comment

And you have once again made us incredibly happy. *g* Thank you!
That was absolutely full of joy! ♥

Thank you!
...I had that actual monkey as a toy when I was growing up....
I don't know the whole context for the vid, but the FEELING of Sarah Jane comes through so incredibly strongly in this vid. What an amazing tribute!
Oh, yay, thank you so much! \o/
Fun! I don't know SJ Adventures (Or classic Who) but this was so enjoyable and I loved the song choice.
Thank you! We weren't sure how this would play to people who only knew her from New Who, so this is really great to hear.
oh my heart, that was absolutely brilliant <333
oh sarah jane *sniffles* she's still my favorite.
They brought her back in the SJA, and we were like "Does she have an actual time machine? How can she look that amazing and still be that amazing at 60?" And she hadn't forgotten any of what made her character great...
I was too busy watching this and adoring it to start crying till the end, and considering how much the song made my heart ache, I feel that that is quite a tribute. You do such lovely things with movement and characterization.
Holy AWESOMESAUCENESS, you bloomin' brilliant pair of you, you!!! :D

This vid of you all's was SUBLIME! Absolutely stunning and stellar! :) And I really like how the song you gals chose was a fast-paced barnstormer, NOT a weepy ballad, because it shows me you celebrate how she lived rather than wallow in the untimeliness of her death.

*hugs both of ya in great appreciation for a job very well done and a vid very well made*

who also nabbed the dl
version of it, for posterity's sakes...
How did I miss this vid until now? This is brilliant! A lovely tribute to SJ. Both poignant (because, heck yes, the world kept turning if she was ready or not) and terribly joyful. Thanks for making this one!
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