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Clip notes for "Sexy and I Know It"

We promised a list of what clips came from what sources, so here it is! We've got episode titles for tv shows where we remembered them. In some cases we got footage off Youtube and don't know what the original ep was; in at least one we forgot to mark anything down when we grabbed the clip and there's not enough there for us to identify it beyond a guess. Sorry!

(opening beats)

      Quantum Leap - beauty pageant contestants walking near a pool ("Miss Deep South")

      ST: TOS - James T Kirk would like us to get this show on the road ("Mudd's Women")

      Firefly - River Tam kicks up her heels... ("Safe")

      Buffy tVS - ...As does Sweet the demon ("Once More With Feeling")

      Lost Girl - a very fine-looking Hale ("Death Didn't Become Him") transitions us into:

Yeah, yeah

      Lost Girl - Kenzi agrees, very nice indeed ("Death Didn't Become Him")

      Blazing Saddles - Lili Von Shtupp thinks Sheriff Bart deserves all the schnitzengruben

When I walk on by,

      Thor - Thor thinks he is very awesome!

girls be looking like damn he fly

      Thor - Sif is less impressed.


      White Collar - Mozzie is a man of mystery and elegance ("Flip of the Coin")

I pimp to the beat,

      Leverage - Hardison and Parker are having too much fun with this ("The Studio Job")

walking down the street in my new lafreak, yeah

      Hot Fuzz - Nicholas Angel is a man on a mission

This is how I roll,

      I Spy - Scotty and Kelly make camel-riding cool ("The Honorable Assassins")

animal print pants outta control,

      Life on Mars - Gene Hunt makes wearing a giant squirrel costume cool (2x07)

It's Redfoo with the big-ass 'fro

      WKRP in Cincinnati - Les Nessman, donning the wig of the hot-blooded ("A Date With Jennifer")

And like Bruce Lee I got the claw

      Invisible Man - Darien showing off his ridiculous "Bruce Lee" skills ("Money For Nothing")


      Now and Again - Michael Wiseman checking out his remarkably fit new body ("Origins")

Girl look at that body

      Life - Dani Reese knows what she wants ("Evil... and His Brother Ziggy")


      Now and Again - Michael Wiseman checking out more of his remarkably fit new body ("Origins")

Girl look at that body

      Stargate SG-1 - Vala also knows what she wants ("The Powers That Be")


      Now and Again - Michael Wiseman checking out all his new bits ("Origins")

Girl look at that body

      Sherlock (BBC) - Irene Adler knows what everyone wants ("A Scandal in Belgravia")

Ah Ah Ah I work out

      Now and Again - Michael Wiseman likes what he's seen, and then experiments with his awesome new muscles ("Origins")


      White Collar, maybe? (we neglected to note anything about this clip other than the heels, argh) - A woman walking to the beat

Girl look at that body

      Invisible Man - Darien checks out his rad bod ("The Other Invisible Man")


      Sherlock (BBC) - Irene Adler putting on her battle dress ("A Scandal in Belgravia")

Girl look at that body

      Thor - Thor discovers jeans


      Lost Girl - Dr. Lauren's exam of Bo is less than purely professional ("It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World")

Ahhh... Girl look at that body

      Supernatural - a freshly showered Sam flexes a pec very helpfully on the beat ("Hell House")

Ah Ah Ah I work out

      Odyssey 5 - Kurt believes in a regular exercise regimen ("Pilot")

When I walk in the spot (yeah), this is what I see (ok)
Everybody stop and staring at me

      Boston Legal - Denny and Alan know they are the sexiest, most powerful people in the world, and will stand there until everyone admits it and gets out of their way. Bonus for checking them out after! ("Black Widow")

I got passion in my pants and I ain't afraid to

      Leverage - Hardison jogging through the streets of Cambridge in his boxers. Because he loves us. ("The Experimental Job")

show it, show it, show it, show it

      The Pretender -- Mr Raines strips with pride ("Cold Dick")

I'm sexy and I know it

      Red Dwarf - Cat thinks Cat is totally awesome. And sexy.

(musical interlude!)

      ST:TOS - Sulu fences down a hallway ("The Naked Time")

      Lost Girl - Bo practices stabbing people ("Fae Day")

      I Spy - Kelly whips his towel ("The Time of the Knife")

      Highlander - Duncan slides across a floor while sword-fighting (credits - we totally cheated here)

      ST:TOS - Sulu fences onto the bridge, where Kirk discovers that damn, that's sharp ("The Naked Time")

I'm sexy and I know it

      Invisible Man - The Official knows that money is the sexiest thing. And he has lots. ("Money For Nothing")

(musical interlude!)

      Night Court - Dan Fielding knows his ass is worth grabbing ("Dan's Escort")

      Farscape - John Crichton rubs his ass in your general direction ("Crichton Kicks")

      Boston Legal - Denny Crane is Denny Crane... ("Deep End of the Poole")


      Boston Legal - ...much to the jury's startlement ("Deep End of the Poole")

When I'm at the mall,

      Quantum Leap - Sam and a bevy of brothel beauties ("Southern Comforts")

security just can't fight 'em off

      Leverage - Eliot beset by groupies ("The Studio Job")

And when I'm at the beach,

      Quantum Leap - Sam takes his place among the beauty pageant contestants ("Miss Deep South")

I'm in a Speedo trying

      BtVS - Xander looking good in his little red Speedo ("Go Fish")

to tan my cheeks (what)

      I Spy - Kelly and Scotty relaxing on the water ("One Thousand Fine")

This is how I roll,

      Doctor Who - Captain Jack is Captain Jack, and invites you to enjoy that fact ("Bad Wolf")

come on ladies

      WKRP in Cincinatti - Jennifer puts the final touches on her date, Les ("A Date With Jennifer")

it's time to go

      White Collar - Diana makes an entrance ("Need to Know")

We headed to the bar,

      Stargate SG-1 - Sam kicking ass as she shoots some pool ("Upgrades")

baby don't be nervous

      Lost Girl - Bo decides on her companions for the evening ("Faetal Attraction")

No shoes, no shirt, and I still get service

      Criminal Minds - Derek Morgan. Yum. ("Snake Eyes")


      Thor - Phil Coulson, ladies and gentlemen

Girl look at that body

      Sherlock (BBC) - Sherlock and his sheet ("A Scandal in Belgravia")


      Sherlock (BBC) - the sheet may have been less comfy than it appeared ("A Scandal in Belgravia")

Girl look at that body

      I Spy - Kelly and his towel on a mission in the garden ("The Time of the Knife")


      Invisible Man - Bobby Hobbes looking for company in the hot tub ("Money For Nothing")

Girl look at that body

      Hornblower - Horatio puts himself on display ("Mutiny")

Ah Ah Ah

      Blazing Saddles - Hedley Lamar enjoys a nice bubble bath...

I work out

      MASH - ...but not as much as Hawkeye and his little rubber ducky ("None Like It Hot")


      Supernatural - Dean busts a move on his car ("Yellow Fever")

Girl look at that body

      Burn Notice - Michael and his new partner didn't expect Gilroy to be quite so touchy-feely, really... ("Noble Cause")


      Burn Notice - ...but Gilroy's enjoying himself ("Noble Cause")

Girl look at that body

      I Spy - Kelly thought he'd be the one doing the flirting... ("The Honorable Assassins")


      I Spy -... but this woman is no fool and doesn't miss her chance ("The Honorable Assassins")

Girl look at that body

      Captain America - Peggy is also no fool

Ah Ah Ah I work out

      WKRP in Cincinatti - Les working out, as only Les can ("Never Leave Me, Lucille")

When I walk in the spot (yeah), this is what I see (ok)
Everybody stop and staring at me

      Burn Notice -- Michael, Sam, and Fiona are just smokin' hot ("Hot Spot")

I got passion in my pants

      This Is Spinal Tap - … it's Spinal Tap.

and I ain't afraid to show it,

      Night Court - Dan Fielding starts us off by taking his pants off ("Dan's Escort")

show it,

      Burn Notice -- Fiona tugs her pants up ("Hot Spot")

show it,

      Veronica Mars - Logan and Duncan wear matching reindeer boxers ("An Echolls Family Christmas")

show it

      A Fish Called Wanda - and Archie Leach shows it, baby

I'm sexy and I know it

      I Spy - Scotty rips Kelly's shirt off in the dark ("The Honorable Assassins")


      Doctor Who - the Doctor head-butts a soccer ball ("The Lodger")

(musical interlude!)

      Stargate SG-1 - Daniel does a bicep curl while sitting up ("Chimera")

      Burn Notice - Michael does dumbbell presses while lying down, then staggers up to sitting ("Hard Bargain")

I'm sexy and I know it...

      Crusoe - Evil Brother-in-Law tosses the apple he's eating; he knows that evil is sexy ("The Return")

      White Collar - Neal spins a hat onto his head. Like a (really hot) cartoon. ("Pilot")

Check it out

      Lost Girl - Kenzi is inside Dyson's body, and enjoys the way it moves ("Original Skin")

Check it out

      Lost Girl - Kenzi is inside Dyson's body, still enjoying the way it moves, and swinging us right into the next bit ("Original Skin")

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah

      News Radio - Phil Hartman wiggles in joy <3

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah

      Haven - Duke wiggles in defiance <3 ("The Trial of Audrey Parker")

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah

      Pretender - Mr. Raines wiggles in trauma-inducing fashion, if you know the show ("Cold Dick")

Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle yeah, yeah

      Lost Girl - Kenzi wiggles in abandon ("Death Didn't Become Him")

      Iron Man - Tony Stark whams himself into a wall (the timing on this just cracks us up)

Do the wiggle, man

      Big Eden - Henry and Dean dance through a party

I do the wiggle, man

      Farscape - D'Argo is a leeeetle bit drugged out ("Scratch 'n' Sniff")

      Doctor Who - Captain Jack is intrigued ("Bad Wolf")


      Hot Fuzz - Nicholas zwoops to the music

      Avengers - as does Hawkeye

I'm sexy and I know it

      Persuaders - Brett in full regalia, hoping to impress Danny ("Take Seven")

(musical interlude!)

      Big Eden - Henry and Dean are now dancing with abandon & joy

Hey! Yeah.

      Persuaders - Brett has lost the cape and crown, but is grooving in the club with Danny ("The Old, the New, and the Deadly")

(musical interlude!)

      Farscape - John Crichton doing a sexy dance in the dark. In a really bad tunic. ("Crichton Kicks")

      Boy Meets World - Shawn and Cory doing the dance of joy ("Brave New World")

      Stargate SG-1 - Maybourne dances away on his island paradise with an unknown woman ("Chain Reaction")

      MASH - Hawkeye and Trapper dance through a party ("Private Charles Lamb")

      Farscape - D'Argo chicken-heads through ("Scratch 'n' Sniff")


      Life - Dani Reese has Tidwell right where she wants him ("Evil... and His Brother Ziggy")

Girl look at that body

      White Collar - Neal takes off his shirt... ("What Happens in Burma")


      White Collar - ... which Mozzie appreciates ("What Happens in Burma")

Girl look at that body

      Burn Notice - Michael takes off his shirt... ("Old Friends")


      Burn Notice - ... which Fiona appreciates ("Old Friends")

Girl look at that body

      Big Eden - Dean takes off his shirt, which Henry appreciates

Ah Ah Ah I work out

      Lost Girl - Kenzi is still appreciating the hell out of the way Dyson's body moves ("Original Skin")

Ahhh... Girl look at that body

      In Living Color - Blaine and Antoine give two snaps and a twist ("Men on Film, part 2" -- skit name, not episode)


      Heroes - Hiro lands in New York \o/ ("Genesis")

Girl look at that body

      White Collar - Diana sits in Neal's lap ("Need to Know")


      Iron Man - Tony Stark throws a peace sign

Girl look at that body

      Farscape - Chiana and Jool dance while John looks on ("Scratch 'n' Sniff")


      Due South - Miss Fraser flips her scarf ("Some Like It Red")

I work out

      Doctor Who - Captain Jack can be athletic at many things ("Bad Wolf")

(musical interlude!)

      Supernatural - Dean rocks out on leg guitar ("Yellow Fever")

      Red Dwarf - Cat moves as only Cat can

      Stargate SG-1 - Jack and Teal'c juggle in unison ("Window of Opportunity")

      Quantum Leap - Sam as Carmen Miranda dances across a stage, with enthusiastic participation from Al ("Miss Deep South")

      Due South - Miss Fraser twirls while dancing with Ray ("Some Like It Red")

      Burn Notice - Fiona can't resist Michael's bare nipples ("Old Friends")

      MASH - Naked Hawkeye tries for modesty, while Trapper checks him out ("Dear Dad, Again")

      ST: TOS - Uhura distracts mirror!Sulu with a knife to the nose ("Mirror, Mirror")

      Farscape - John Crichton is just never averse to patting his own ass as commentary ("We're So Screwed: Hot to Katratzi")

      Firefly - Mal enjoys the breeze ("Trash")

I'm sexy and I know it!

      Iron Man 2 - Tony Stark, eating a doughnut, ladies and gentlemen.


Here's the final list of 46 fandoms, in alphabetical order; some of these had only one clip, some had multiple, for no particular rhyme or reason other than what worked at the time.

Big Eden
Blazing Saddles
Boston Legal
Boy Meets World
Buffy tVS
Burn Notice
Captain America
Criminal Minds
Doctor Who
Due South
A Fish Called Wanda
Hot Fuzz
Iron Man (1 & 2)
I Spy
In Living Color
Invisible Man
Life on Mars
Lost Girl
News Radio
Night Court
Now and Again
Odyssey 5
The Pretender
Quantum Leap
Red Dwarf
Sherlock (BBC)
Star Trek: TOS
Stargate SG-1
This Is Spinal Tap
Veronica Mars
White Collar
WKRP in Cincinnati

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