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Vividcon Premiere: I Lived, MCU

If it's August, it must be Vividcon. And that means a new vid from Flummery. \o/ As always, feedback/comments/crit of any sort are most welcome.

Title: I Lived
Song Artist: OneRepublic
Vidder: Flummery
Website: http://www.flummery.org
Fandom: MCU (Steve/Peggy)
Length: 03:38
Summary: Life goes on.

Also on AO3 and Tumblr! Reblogging is love <3

Normal Downloads (all mp4)

(right-click and save-as)

1280 x 720, 161 MB

640 x 480, 66.5 MB

Super-huge HD download

1920 x 1080, 720 MB (Please note, this is a huge version, please don't download unless you are really sure you want something this big. We recommend the 1280 version unless you need this level of quality.)

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Tags: fanvid, marvel cinematic universe, mcu, vids, vividcon
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oh man. this made me wibble, thank you very much. <3

supremely smooth cuts, and I especially enjoyed the way you cut in Peggy's stride at :45 with the drums starting, and the symbolism of "take the pain" with the dressing down she received in Dooley's office. I especially appreciated the parallel b/w Cap's shield and Peggy's pantyhose. Man, that's all she's got b/w her and the bad guys but it's enough somehow. :DDD

Thanks for sharing this awesomeness with us!
\o/ Thank you so much! The parallels revealed themselves as we went along, and just amazed us. The "gearing up" section where Peggy puts on pantyhose and tucks a gun in her purse, and Cap dresses in head to toe body armor with an impenetrable shield, is one of our favorite spots, because *yes*, holy cow, nylons and self-confidence are the only armor Peggy gets, and she makes that be enough. So much love for her <3 <3 <3
This is utterly fantastic! I love the structure of the vid and the way you draw parallels in Steve and Peggy's lives. This vid hits all the right emotional notes: bittersweet separation blooming into heroism, hope, and new joys, which exist without diminishing the memory of what came before.

Downloading so I can watch this OVER AND OVER.
Yay, thank you so much! <3
Aww, you guys made me cry. It was absolutely perfect! Thank you :)
*beams at you*

Yay, thank you!